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2009 GLVWG Awards Rules

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The Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group (GLVWG) Literary Awards honor the best in literature written by members of the organization whose membership is current.

To be eligible, the work submitted must be written by a GLVWG member in good standing.

Entries for the Inaugural GLVWG Awards (2009) will be open to works published between 1993 (the inception of GLVWG) through 2008. Works in any format published prior to 1993 are not eligible. Succeeding award years will be limited to books published the preceding year.

There is a $10.00 entry fee per category. One entry per category. Entries may have been published singly or within a collection.

Acceptable forms of publication are: traditionally, self-published or POD hardcover, soft-cover, consumer publications (e-books,  Internet downloads, blogs, etc.).

(E-books should be submitted in the appropriate category. Provide a copy of the actual product and THREE bound, printed forms of the book. Spiral or trade paperback bindings are acceptable. Loose manuscript pages or three-ring binders are NOT acceptable and will be neither acknowledged nor returned.)

Entries received with incomplete submission packages will be disqualified without notice. They will be neither acknowledged nor returned. Each Entry must be submitted in its published form.

There will be three finalists for each category, decided by a panel of volunteer GLVWG members. Judges who are not members of GLVWG will select the award winners.

GLVWG reserves the right to add or delete categories according to the entries received and to move works to another category as appropriate.

GLVWG reserves the right not to name a winner or finalists in any category should the judge(s) deem that no submission entered in that category merits an award.


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