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Frank Chadwick



Frank’s Desert Shield Fact Book (1991) reached number one on the New York Times best-seller list. For reasons never explained to him, it was listed in the “Advice and How-To” category.

He is currently at work on a historical novel set in ancient Persia, and has recently submitted a Science Fiction Novel to Baen Books.

Frank’s publication credits also include fourteen historical articles in various periodicals, fifty-seven historical games – mostly board games, but including one role playing and one card game – and twenty-eight assorted fantasy and science fiction games and game books. 

 Frank has recently been hired to write a weekly online military affairs column/blog for the Weider Historical Group, starting in mid-January.

Other Published Books:

GULF WAR FACT BOOK. GDW (Normal, IL,1991).


NAPOLEON RETURNS: The 1815 Campaign. The Emperor’s Press (Chicago, 1997).

AUSTRIA STANDS ALONE: The 1809 Campaign. The Emperor’s Press (Chicago, 1998).

JACOBITE: The Jacobite Rebellion of 1745 (2 vols.). The Emperor’s Press (Chicago,1999).

BENGHAZI HANDICAP: The War In North Africa 1940-41. Test of Battle (East Texas, PA., 2007).

STARS AND STRIPES FOREVER: The United States Army in the ETO and MTO in World War II. Test of Battle (East Texas, PA., 2007).

HONOUR OF THE REGIMENT: The British and Commonwealth Armies in the ETO and MTO in World War II. Test of Battle (East Texas, PA, 2008).






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