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Afternoon Workshop Saturday January 26th, 2013:

Indie Publishing: A Walkthrough Createspace Print on Demand (POD)
Bart Palamaro

Createspace  is Amazon's POD for independent authors.  USE of Createspace is free, but you have to pay for your own books if you want copies.  Generally the average novel will cost about $5.00 ea. to the author plus shipping.

Creating a print book is significantly different from an eBook.  Margins, pages, gutters, headers and footers all become critically important, because your words will occupy an actual physical object, the pages and covers of your book.  They must fit, look good and above all, be readable.  Cover art and implementation is also critical and much more demanding than for an ebook.

Fortunately, Createspace provides a comprehensive set of tools to accomplish your goal of an attractive, readable print book.   This workshop will walk you through formatting your MSS for Createspace, and the iterative testing/correction process that results in a professional looking product.

We will touch on the cover creation process, but that is really a subject for another workshop.

Afternoon Workshop, Saturday October 26th 1:30 PM

The Real Unreal: How to use Paranormal Reports to "Chill" Your Tales and Keep Readers Turning the Page
Katherine Ramsland

Katherine Ramsland will use her work with "paranormal forensics" to demonstrate and guide you in researching and blending what people actually say about paranormal experiences. Add an edge to your stories with creepies and beasties, or just come for an afternoon of Halloween fun.

Katherine teaches forensic psychology at DeSales University and has published 47 books and over 1,000 articles. She wrote Bethlehem Ghosts, Ghost: Investigating the Other Side, The Science of Vampires, Blood and Ghosts: Paranormal Forensics Investigators, and two novels that incorporate it all.    



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